From the viewpoint of a layman, gambling is simply a sport involving a lot of money and offering an easy method to multiply one’s money. However, it is also a truth that one has to put his or her money at stake in order to take part in gambling activities. If you look back into the history, you could easily dig out a number of incidents where not just wealth and property were put at stake, but also the identity and family member of the gambler.

The New Form Of Gambling

In the present century, gambling activity has been molded into a two dimensional viewpoint. It is known to everyone that these days almost everyone is facing the heat of fast paced lives and lack of time. In such a situation, internet has certainly provided an easy way to get access to recreation activities. Online gambling provides an easy way to take part in gambling activities right from the comfort of your home. So, no more you have to be physically present at the land based casinos in order to play the games. In addition, online gambling offers privacy too.

In order to make you understand the differences between traditional gambling and online gambling, we have highlighted the basic points that define both of them.

Traditional Gambling

If we talk about traditional gambling, there are mainly three aspects to look for – table games, gaming machines, and random games.

Most of the categories in traditional gambling need wagering with cash and getting them transformed into plastic chips which are of different denominations.

The only game where one does not need to convert cash money into chips is slot machines. In this game, the gambler needs to insert the coin directly into the machine and pull the lever.

Games involving jackpots usually accept cash money for gambling.

Online Gambling

This form of gambling offers more comfort and privacy than the traditional one.

Every single operation can be carried out with the click of a button, which makes it more popular than the land based version of gambling.

Online casinos or gambling sites offer different types of promotional and payback schemes to attract the gambling buffs, which certainly add more spice to the whole thing.

Almost every site offers wide range of games. So, you can get access to all types of games under one roof, without the need to visit multiple casinos.

Online gambling games can be broadly defined into two categories – the downloadable one, where one has to download and install the software in his/her computer; and the instant flash version, which can be played directly on the website.

Comparative Scrutiny of Traditional Gambling and Online Gambling

Even though online gambling is turning out to be quite popular, traditional or conventional gambling is still the unquestionable leader in the market. Nevertheless, both forms of gambling have their own pros and cons. More importantly, it completely depends upon your personal preference when it comes to choose any one between them.

Traditional gambling offers better environment for playing if you are more inclined towards experiencing the adrenaline rush within your body. It certainly feels more exciting to be surrounded by a crowd of casino buffs sharing the same enthusiasm for gambling activities. The pleasure of winning a game simply gets double. Motivation becomes prime ingredient.

On the other hand, online gambling is more suitable for those who wish to play in a peaceful environment, preferably at their home. Online gambling is definitely the best option for those living in remote areas, or where the availability of land based casino is unlikely.

In order to play online gambling games, all you need to have is a computer and an internet connection. Apart from flexibility and easy availability of games online gambling offers better payout, bonuses, and other promotional offers as well. So, it provides you an excellent opportunity to make some good money right from your home.


So, both types of gambling offer some set of advantages and disadvantages as well. It is completely up to your personal likings to which one to choose. Hence, choose the one you like the most.