In India, gambling is seriously restricted in some parts, however it is considered legal in some parts like Goa and Sikkim. Nevertheless, around 40% internet users still visit the gambling websites for horse betting, cricket and lottery. According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867, running a gambling house is strictly prohibited. If anybody breaks this law, he/she will be punished either with a fine of rupees 200, or an imprisonment of 3 months. In addition to this, visiting the gambling houses is also prohibited in this Act. In this case, the penalty is rupees 100 fine or an imprisonment of one month. Further, regulating the cyber activities and prohibiting or transmitting information is done by the Information Technology Act 2000. Online gambling is also included in this Act along with punishments, the penalty here is a fine up to rupees 100,000 or an imprisonment of 5 years. Still, people play and enjoy gambling in many parts of India.

Casino Games Played In India

Though gambling is not allowed in India, Goa is the place where you can find lot of people gambling day and night. Since decades, Goa is the tourist attraction for casino games. Gamblers enjoy a lot of games in the casinos of Goa; the most common of them all are dice machines, slot machines, and American roulette. Furthermore, you can also find Blackjack and poker too; these are the common games of the lot.

Gambling Penalties In India

As already stated, gambling is only allowed in two states, Sikkim and Goa; but there are many people who play without any legal permission in other parts of the world. If anybody is caught gambling without any permission, he or she has to bear a heavy penalty. The penalty is commonly of two types; one is fine and the other option of imprisonment for few months.

Tax Information Related With Gambling In India

According to section 115BB of Income Tax Act, the tax rate of winning card games, lottery, crossword puzzle, horse race or any other betting game is 30%. Further, you need to note down one thing here that for taxation purpose, there is no distinguishing between legal gambling and illegal gambling. Casino operators of Goa are entitled to pay 10% of the entire profits. However, Sikkim casinos have to pay a fee of 5 crores to get a license for 5 years.

Best Casino Website In India

You can find thousands of website for casino gaming when you are browsing on the World Wide Web.]However, you have to be careful in selecting the best site for yourself based on your requirements.Bet365 and M88 are two best websites for casino gambling for Indian gamblers. Indio casino is also one among the popular casino websites in India. You can come across many fake websites too online, however you have to learn to make a difference between the true and fake ones, otherwise you might fall into a trap and incur losses.