Chinese Praying Materials
The traditional Chinese pray materials consist of joss sticks and incense. The two are used to
pray and meditate to achieve good fortune 花蜡烛. In ancient China, the Chinese used these to protect
themselves from evil spirits and gain prosperity. The burning of the candles is said to increase
the person’s intelligence. The earliest joss sticks were made about 200 years ago and are still
produced using the same ceramic kiln. Besides burning joss sticks, the Chinese also burn
incense to make the souls of the deceased reborn.

TAOIST SORCERY: Praying With Chinese Joss Papers - Sio Kim Zua (烧金纸)

A Chinese prayer pen or incense can be held between the thumb and middle finger of the right
hand. Traditionally, Chinese people used a praying pen held between the thumb and middle
finger of their right hand. In the present, Chinese people often carry Joss sticks or paper lanterns
as protection during religious ceremonies. Today, candles made of special Joss paper are
commonly found throughout the world. You can purchase the materials at a Chinese art store or
online. For those who do not want to invest in incense, tea light candles can be used instead.
A Chinese praying candle is another popular choice. A wick for the joss candle is made of
paraffin, wax, or paraffin. The candles are made in the traditional way, and they can be bought
from many stores in Malaysia and Singapore. Regardless of where you purchase your incense,
you will be able to find it in the perfect size and color. It is important to find a supplier with a good
reputation and that sells high quality Chinese prayers candles.

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In Malaysia, Chinese praying materials can also be purchased online. Fortunately, there are a
wide variety of shops that sell god-related items. Because Penang has a large population of
Chinese, you can find a number of shops that sell the items you need. A good place to find
quality incense is the SIN HEAP AIK TRADING (M) SDN BHD shop. They are both a
professional wholesaler and retailer and are well-versed in the various forms of incense.
In Malaysia, Chinese praying materials can be made from grass, bamboo, moss, or reed. The
two most common types of Chinese prayer wheels today are Joss sticks. In the Chinese
language, joss is known as agarwood and is used for incense. In the West, joss prayer sticks are
cylindrical, round sticks that are about an inch in diameter and are decorated with motifs.
In China, praying materials can also be found in the form of prayer wheels. These prayer wheels
are circular and made of reeds or grass. They are usually made on a bamboo mat and are tied
around the waist. The prayer wheel is held in the right hand by the hands and rotated. Originally,
a court official used a prayer wheel, but people of all ages would use them. During religious
ceremonies, they were useful because they were easy to use, cheap to buy, and affordable.